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About Northern Soul

Northern Soul company was founded by Dr George Mthwembu in response to developing a system that mitigates traumatic responses through educational re-prompting. The business idea called for the formation of similar psychological change processes that are inherent to traditional cognitive behaviour therapy, however more real-time and practical in their application environment.

The worlds first BPO Beta Processing Outputs therapy theory and the programme was developed in early 2014 at the University of Libya and the company Northern Soul was established in South Africa, where it currently operates today. Eugine de Center (Communications expert) partnered with Northern Soul to develop the personalised AI platform which is now used daily to help thousands of people with addictions, depression, eating disorders and a broad range of mental health-related issues.

How Northern Soul Works

In Dr Mthwembu's deeper research into brainwave functions commonly referred to as "beta waves" he Dr discovered that certain external "beta" patterns both auditory and visually could influence moods which operate at both the conscious and subconscious level of our daily thoughts.

The Dr discovered a very simple and practical methodology to apply his former response/action therapy research into an unobtrusive mobile app that anyone can download and access on their smartphone devices. As app users transverse through various emotional states throughout their day, they are able to regulate their responses to trigger events and effectively challenge problematic thought routines using Beta Process Outputs or BPO techniques virtually to re-align their outbound responses to the real world.

Northern Soul BPO Case Study

Broader testing of the BPO system was launched into many high volume call centre environments in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. The intent of the tests was to establish the productivity of call centre staff on aggregate that handled problematic customer complaint lines, sales queries and a broad spectrum of call centre related services based both in South Africa and in the United Kingdom.

The outputs of on the job mood regulation using Beta Process Outputs or BPO model were outstanding with aggregate productivity growth of over 11%. The study called for an emotional BPO re-set after each client call of about 20 seconds (later donned the clean slate method). Each agent would select a dynamic mood identifier "theoretically" rating the caller respondents attitude. They would answer a multiple choice question and follow a quick "solvit" game before moving onto the next in or outbound call.

How Can BPO Technology Help You?

The application of emotional regulation and beta processing AI technology is endless. Both in business and for personal use the ability to regulate and repattern responses means making better life decisions, unclouded by heightened emotive responses. Using beta processing output techniques in families and relationships serves to ensure more mindful and measured responses to the many challenges of everyday life.

In operation, the system uses distraction questions, suggestions, affirmations and gamified interactions that work toward incremental psychological thought pattern shifts or outputs.

The Recovery Process

Each module of the beta processing outputs system is dynamic and progressive so that over time the user learns how to manage emotional regulation and responses in their own day to day life without using the application. This inherent functionality essentially trains the user to be more mindful, measured and present in their responses to everyday stressors as the intent is to "retrain" negative thought patterns into appropriate outputs. BPO technology is very simple to use. As we mentioned in the contact centre case study agents across a broad range of business process functions immediately took up the technology to the effect of improved outsourced performance.

Output Optimisation

For Business : Overtime this app will help you build and maintan resilience, confidence and self-esteem in a simple to use, easy to access system wrapped into a friendly customer interface. It can be intergrated into your company wellness systems and facilitates better employee and customer management processes and interactions. or even into your personal life.

For Consumers this programme will help you find your "centre" and restore a more measured and harmonious interplay in your present and future relationship interactions.

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