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Finding the key elemets that connect your mind body and soul
through effective BPO (Beta Processing Outputs Therapy)

People are mobile, so is our business process

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James Tranor (Abby Technology)

We have worked with Northern Souls CC Technology for the last few weeks and seen a marked improvement in our daily call flows and customer interactions have been a lot more positive.

Eamma Yourk (Winners Circle)

We and extreemly impressed by this technolog and it has made a significant difference to our players rewards programmes.

Adam Stand (Giant Competitions)

Wow our competitions and voucher fulfilment services have exponentially increased service delivery to our clients in the UK. Well some N BPO great service!

Inge Pinta (Call Centre Futures)

Our team has recently updated our stock trading systems to include Northern BPO beta processing technology at the end of sales calls. So far so good, we will have to see how it goes.

Doug Alan (Relapse Prevention Foundation)

This technology is sincerely one of the best things we have implimneted in our national recovery call centre in the last while. We are closing calls faster with way better outcomes than ever before. Helping our membership community to get off the ground.

Flowside Communications

Since the implimentaiton of NS BPO CC software our agents have never been happier. It has created a good vibe that in the centre that translates onto our client calls. Very interesting and well done.

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